Today in the city El Dorado 18.06.2018
Trump Adviser Roger Stone Reveals New Meeting With Russian

Special counsel examining a previously undisclosed meeting between longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone and a Russian figure who allegedly tried to sell him dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Trump lawyer shrugs off Roger Stone meeting with Russian over Clinton dirt

Roger Stone, a sometime adviser to Trump, has said he expects Mueller to indict him in order to ‘silence’ him. Donald Trump’s lawyer said on Sunday he “doubted” the president knew about a newly repor...

Roger Stone Admits Meeting With Russian Who Promised Damaging Clinton Info

11 Trump associates have now acknowledged interacting with Russian nationals during the campaign or transition.

Ex-Trump operative met with Russian who wanted $2M for Clinton dirt: report

Conservative political provocateur Roger Stone in 2016 met with a Russian who offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton in exchange for $2 million, Stone and former Trump campaign communicati...

Roger Stone Met With Russian Who Offered Clinton Dirt in Exchange for $2 Million

Longtime Donald Trump associate Roger Stone had vehemently denied it. “I’ve never been to Russia. I didn’t talk to anybody who was identifiably Russian during the two-year run-up to this campaign,” he...

Trump lawyer shrugs off Roger Stone's meeting with Russian offering dirt on Clinton

Rudy Giuliani ‘doubts’ president knew about 2016 meeting in which Russian demanded $2m for damaging informationDonald Trump’s lawyer said on Sunday he “doubted” the president knew about a newly report...

Roger Stone now says he met with a Russian during the campaign who offered dirt on Clinton for $2 million

The Washington Post reported Roger Stone, a former campaign consultant and close associate to President Donald Trump, has admitted to meeting with a Russian contact during the 2016 presidential electi...

Slaughter of the aphids, a garden wars story

Each morning I putter in my vegetable garden, barefoot, in my nightgown. I pick up a stray twig, pull a weed or two. My tomatoes and potatoes, I imagine, reach toward me as they do toward the sun. Whe...

Mueller keeps tightening the screws on Paul Manafort

The special counsel seems to be making Manafort as uncomfortable as possible, in hopes that the former Trump campaign chairman will trade dirt on the president for leniency.

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